The most sustainable hotel of my last journey

Today I will talk to you about the most sustainable hotel of my last trip: the hotel PinkCoco Bali, located in Uluwatu.

On my Indonesia journey, I stayed in many different hotels this was the one I considered to be the most environmentally conscious. Before explaining to you why let me just frame you on the history and values of the hotel.

The PinkCoco hotels are just for adults and were created in 2011 by a couple who shared the goal to create a relaxing and dreaming spot, where the area surfers could relax. This was how the first PinkCoco born and now they have 4 different locations: Sanur, Uluwatu, Gili Air and Gili Trawangan.

If you visit the hotel website you will realize that one of the major values of its owners is the respect for the environment and that can be seen in their attention to details: since the materials they chose, to their re-utilization, passing through finding the right food and using their local communities services for all they can. If you wish to know more details about their values you can check their page.

My experience:

I stayed at the Uluwatu hotel and it has the perfect location: a busy street full of restaurants and shops and to walk to the amazing Padang Padang Beach takes only 5 minutes. All the staff is very friendly and professional and I would rate their service as a 5-star hotel one.

Besides the good environment created by the staff, the biggest highlight of this hotel goes, without any doubt, to their master use of the colour pink and how they can create a tropical environment, so relaxing and so unique.
I stayed in a room with a pool view, from where you can see 1 of the 3 hotel pools! Inside the hotel, there is also an amazing spa and a restaurant (by the time I was in the hotel the restaurant was under renovations, so I cannot give you any feedback on this). The room had amazing decor, it was big and had a lot of storage space. And just before entering the room, you have a private resting area, very comfortable to enjoy the outside. The room was cleaned every morning and everyday evening the staff would come to your room to place the mosquito nets around your bed, to give you repellent, place chocolates on the bed and even lighten an aromatic candle so the room becomes even more relaxing.

On my visit to Gili Air Island, I passed through the outside of PinkCoco and for sure I will try it on my next trip. It has a fantastic location and the outside environment and decoration are promising as well.

Why I considered the PinkCoco the most sustainable hotel of the journey:

During my journey, I slept in several hotels and this one stands-out. And here it is why:

– While the majority of the hotels placed plastic bottle waters in the room, here they had glass bottles with fresh water.

– Besides that, in all the 3 hotel pools, there were water dispensers, meaning that I could fill my bottle of water before going out (this was something hard to find elsewhere).

– In the room, instead of plastic spoons that I had seen in other hotels, they had wooden spoons.

– The shower gel and the shampoo were in glass bottles and were vegan, paraben-free, not tested on animals and made only out of natural ingredients!

– In the room, there were fabric bags and a big tote bag that one can use to go shopping without needing to use the supermarket plastic bags. (I really loved this detail, that I did not see anywhere else so far).

Considering all of this I believe this is a very sustainable hotel, concerned with its impact and very aware of how their actions can affect the environment. I definitely recommend this hotel.

Please let me know if you ever stayed in any PinkCoco and what was your experience.

Any doubt you can also leave it on the comments 🙂


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