top 5 sustainable cities in the netherlands

PART 2 - Amsterdam

Welcome to the second blog post of the five more sustainable cities in The Netherlands! If you missed the first one you can access here to know which is the most sustainable city.

Today we will focus on one of the more touristic destinations of this country: Amsterdam! It is no surprise that this city appears in this top 5, as this city is very known for its sustainability. But why is Amsterdam so sustainable?

Among many other things, one of the first thoughts that comes to someone’s mind when thinking about Amsterdam is their crazy amount of bicycles and how great it is to explore the city with one! And this is one of the big reasons why they’re so sustainable, as 60% of its inhabitants move daily with a bicycle. With this the number of cars in the city decrease, as well as the emissions of carbon dioxide. For you to have an idea of how big is the bicycle community, the amount of cyclist outnumbers cars by four times! Of course, this is only possible since the city has no hills and the government invested money in building more than 400 km of cycle paths! But if you’re not a fan of bicycles, do not worry! If you decide to get an electric car the city offers you a public charger outlet right in front of your house! How amazing! And if you prefer public transports you’ll be amazed to know that all trams and subways run on green electricity! It seems there’s no way to move wrongly in this city!

But Amsterdam is not only green due to its transports! One great movement that started in Amsterdam and now is getting more common across the globe is the circular economy. Amsterdam was the pioneer of this concept in Europe and plans to be a fully circular city by 2050! Wow!

Another curious thing about Amsterdam is the way they deal with solid waste: they incinerate it and provide heat for private houses and also to factories! A great way to use the extra energy coming from the incineration process!

So what there's to visit in Amserdam?

As you can see there’s a lot to learn from this city!

I have already a full blog post on this, so you can access this link to know all the marvellous places you can visit while in Amsterdam!

If you want to more about other places to visit you can check the city’s official website

Sustainable accomodations in Amsterdam

This city has so much to do that it is crucial to find a nice place to rest! And of course, there’s nothing better than a sustainable accommodation! Let’s see some of them: 

Conscious Hotel Westerpark

 As the name says, this is a conscious hotel concerned about the environment! Located in the beautiful Westerpark, from there you can easily reach the city centre by bike, so this is perfect for those who love to be close to the centre hustle, but also have some contact with nature!


And here’s why this is a sustainable hotel:

  • Starting with the building itself, they only use cradle-to-cradle, recycled or second-hand materials. And all the wood they use come from managed forests;
  • Not only in the materials is the hotel using the circular economy, but also in their services, like the laundry services;
  • Cleaning and maintenance are done without chemicals most of the time;
  • The amenities are refiled, so no tiny plastic bottles!
  • This hotel is 100% electric, using the Dutch windmills energy and their other hotel in Amsterdam (The Tire Station) uses solar panels. They also use thermal energy storage that allows them to heat and cool the buildings;
  • They have water-saving systems in the washrooms;
  • Good waste management;
  • The food and drinks come from local suppliers;









I think you already understood how green they are right? I’m in love with this hotel!

If you want to make any reservation or know more about the hotel you can check their official website. All the photos were taken from there. 

 Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam

This hotel as unique vibes, bringing a real oasis to all its guests!

Located on the former location where ships left for Jakarta, this wonderful place has views of the river Ij and also central Amsterdam. Here you can expect a luxury hotel with some great places to relax like a wellness centre and a swimming pool.


So let’s see why they’re sustainable:

  • This hotel is also green on the building itself since they opted to use natural wood coming from managed forests to make the majority of their structure. The items of the building that have a shorter life can all be recycled or reused!
  • The hotel collects rainwater to spray their indoor garden
  • The energy and heat comes from solar panels
  • All the staff uniforms come from a sustainable clothing company
  • They have 20 charging points for electric cars in their garage
  • This hotel is energy neutral, meaning that their EPC (energy performance coefficient) reaches zero at this hotel!







It seems like a dream hotel to stay in, right? Could you image the insane pictures you could take on this garden?

If you want to make any reservation or know more about the hotel you can check their official website. All the photos were taken from there.

Hotel Okura Amsterdam


This hotel has a great location in Amsterdam’s city centre, being another great option when looking for a sustainable place with all comfort and luxury!

Let’s take a look at their sustainability values:

  • Use of local and seasonal products
  • Awareness of their guests to sustainable practices while staying and exploring the city
  • No bottled water in the rooms
  • Amenities in dispensers and using biodegradable products
  • All staff members have training regarding environmental practices
  • Use of ozone water to clean instead of cleaning liquids
  • Use of solar panels

These are just some of the many measures! It’s also important to mention the hotel is a Green Globe certified accommodation.

You can learn more about their sustainable values here.

If you want to make any reservation or know more about the hotel you can check their official website. All the photos were taken from there.

It seems Amsterdam has great sustainable values and places to stay! Have you already visited this city? 

Let us know more about your experience!


Have a great day


Patrícia Mano Ahmad, Travelling to the Green